Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What Is Everyone Doing Without Me

of course there is no way for me to hide on the interwebs for long even with all my excuses and co-outs (i can't remember my login!!!) is what you have to look forward to here in the near future: i am now playing with three bands and looking to get out of two and start another (i am such a whore) so i will have at least four show reviews to throw out for posterity this month, not to mention the free therapy that venting about said shows on this blog will give me. i just bought a new house and am building another studio in the downstairs i may just keep you all updated on gear/toys i will be getting for this thing. i am now back full swing into the world of warcraft (gods help me), so this may become a bit of a rally point for the guild and what not. also, in really interesting news, i will be marrying a couple on the 24th of didn't know i was a real ninjapirate captain, did you!?!?!? this is going to be a true freak-flag event, so that may just produce one of the best stories ever! we will see how this goes...and thank you to monstee for inspiring me to post are truly a monster among toolboxes.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Again With The Myspace Whoredom

is it time for my bi-annual post? it must be. this is the magic month of jam-uary! this is the month that the forkbeard takes the month off from drinking and debauch and cleans out the cobwebs. this should be a good month, as i redouble my efforts to sell my house and start on a few new business ventures. myself and dr schaadt are well on our way to taking over the world, one band at a time with our studio ventures. it is fun to listen to stuff you have done for people and compare it with stuff on the radio...and realize that you are doing better things! good gear and better substitutions! the bobin is the happy little monster and i want a puppy! really i do! i love dawgs a lot and cant wait to sell the house i am in now and get a place with a little more there will be room for kittens and puppies...and before you think the forkbeard is getting a little ghey for his silk pjs, they are kittens of doom and it will be a hell-puppy! that's right, so you can take a flying leap at a wall if you think i am getting little brother gave me a tomahawk for the holidays and you may just catch the wrong end!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Laughing All The Way Home

i was a slow kid laughing on my donkey all the way home tonight. it was, great! we had the first rehearsal with the full band--my new band; separation of sanity (SoS) tonight and i am beside myself. i haven't been in a band like this (if ever) that made me want to get up and destroy things!!!! the stuff that is on line for music in my world is going to be the meanest of the mean and the toughest of the tough! it is always a good day to die, but if you can run the ruckus for a bit, that is not so bad either!!! more to come.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Gameplan

so now that i am a free agent and looking for a diversity of music styles to give myself to, the world has opened up for me! i have a metal band (an established metal band) scouting me, i have a funk band looking to add me, and there is my good friend, scott, looking to create something beautiful with me. it is fun being able to be all over the board musically and being happy with the end product! people always ask me, what kind of music are you into? i always say, "good music." when i say that, what i mean is, i can play everything, but what i want is something refined and professional. i will play thrash metal if it is a polished good incantation of thrash! i will play folk if it is a functional, deeply lyrical divulgence into the psyche of a minimalist view of a slice of life. i will play in a jam-band if it is a dictation of temperature bled through an amplifier and the notes call whether it is 95* or 104*! it is all about the music and expression! i love me some music. right now i have the chance to go back and delve into what i think is music. redefine what i think is art, if you will! we will see what comes of this, and i will update (like i feel i have to) what i do here!

rock is not enough, but if it is true rock, it is always enough!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

As Good As It Gets?

for someone who is an old hand at going out and "finding what there is to do," i have been spending a lot of time at home not going out and finding such distractions. tonight was my day of -going out-. i spent a great day with the bobin meeting him to horses, dogs and people i haven't seen for many years. i went to a good friend's birthday party and was happy to spend my time there. i went to a big show where the term "vip" really applied to me and tore it all up there. then the strangeness happened: at the late night place i went to, i met up with two friends i haven't seen for years. "chocolate" is a bud that just got free and he was business being there; he knew no one, but is family from way back! also, at said spot, was an old friend by the name of chris leben (google the name). we caught up and made plans and all that neat business. all in all, my friends, i would title the night nothing less than "epic!" i had an epic day and there is not much better! hell, i even found $62 on the floor at the bar! paid for epic! it all comes around.


Friday, September 15, 2006


here is a simple shout out to the end of summer! i can't stand the heat. i love the chilly wet autumn--the brittle doldrums of fall--the ever-shortening time between now and all hallows eve! time to get the house sold in order to have enough money to realize my fully robotic costume.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

At The Ripe Old Age Of Thirty

the forkbeard has learned yet a new lesson...leadership is a double edged sword! i have recently taken over the management of the largest adult club in the city of portland. it has been a backbreaking chore to make the place viable and functional--i.e. the forkbeard has been pulling the warrior 120 hour work weeks and making the shit happen! tonight was a good night for the bar. it ran like a well oiled machine and i was going to leave early to go home and get some well deserved sleep. unfortunately, this was the long awaited night that little beans came down to visit me at work to see just what the madness is all about. do not get me wrong, i was tickled pink to have her at the bar and only had to menace one guy who persistently hit on her...not to mention i just love spending time with her. the next is not her fault in the slightest...i didn't leave. if i am there, even if i am drinking and "off the clock," my troops rally to me anyway. they look to me like darling children that need dad to make everything all right and i love them for it. i love it. i love being dad. i'm really good at it. i am maybe too good at it. i should have left. the thing is, i am a great leader because of my love of my troops, and if i think they need me, i will be there for them no matter what is required of me or my time. that is some of my problem. i need to let them sink or swim on their own at some point, no matter how painful. i need to figure out how to not be the cornerstone that holds the house up. if i am not there, it falls apart and that is not ok for me...i need to have time away without worry. this mentality will and should transfer to me raising the bobin at some point. it is all a learning experience. this is my new mission: how to have the bar work without me for a night or two and how to convince my staff that it will be ok if dad isn't there. there is still more training required for that to happen and still more long hours for me to put in, but i now know what i need to work for. i need to work for a crew of rockstars, not a backup band. thank you beans for putting up with me being ocd about all this...i know it is hard and i know i need to figure out how to make time for me...and you...and my family. i am trying and no matter what i say, i am loving what i do! but i love you more.